Wonder and Beauty:  My Journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses, is a story about a mother’s choice to quit fighting in the courtroom after years of custody battles that result in parental alienation and the eventual abduction of her only child.   The author made the choice to save herself and her child by leaving and going back to the birthplace of her son in San Francisco, California.   She begins to rebuild her life in the midst of the global financial crash of 2008 after seeing her real estate business collapse, her home foreclosed upon and her life savings vanish in the midst of the hundreds of court cases that took place between her and her ex-husband.

Days after arriving in Northern California, Charla begins the arduous task to heal without her son.   Her story takes you from her happier memories of her past and leads you through each step she took to build a stronger resolve to live.   Her grief over the loss of her son begins to lessen and her spirit grows stronger with each passing day.

One day, Charla stumbles upon the healing power of horses through several films she rented at a local library and this begins her journey of healing her heart and spirit with a local Equine Therapist and her herd of horses.

While writing her book, the author continued to move forward with the hope that one day she would reunite with her son.   One morning in the early hours, a dream about reunification with her son came to her and she turned it into a chapter of the book.   This dream was the first of many gifts to come.  Her time with horses introduced her to the language of the heart and how once linked in love this bond can never be dissolved.

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